dbxml2rst.pandoc module


Pandoc stuff used by the dbxml2rst library

copyright:Copyright (C) 2017 Markus Heiser
license:GPL V3.0, see LICENSE for details.
dbxml2rst.pandoc.fixPandocRST(src, dst)[source]

Fix common reST markup bugs from the pandoc reST writer.

dbxml2rst.pandoc.json2rst(src, dst, **kwargs)[source]

convert a json file with pandoc to reST markup

dbxml2rst.pandoc.jsonFilter(src, dst, *filters)[source]

apply *filters on a pandoc json file

dbxml2rst.pandoc.toJSONFilters(input_stream, output_stream, *actions)[source]

Modified version of pandoc filter.

This version of pandoc filter is able to read from any input stream (not only from stdin) and writes to any output stream (not only stdout).

dbxml2rst.pandoc.xml2json(src, dst, **kwargs)[source]

convert xml file to json file with pandoc